Game Over – Short Movie

Breve ma intenso cortometraggio di Giocchino Petronicce, alla ricerca del ritmo perfetto tra suoni e immagini statiche.
Alzate il volume.

For more pleasure, if you don’t have good speakers, use Headphones!
This is an Independent short film made for Pix’ n Love Editions.
I thought this movie as a visual and sound experiment guided by the rhythm which imposes the sound to the pictures.
Everything goes always faster quite as we change television channels.
The challenge was to create the rhythm with static shot.
We don’t have to forget what we liked in past.
I hope you like it…
Sounds recorded with a zoom H4N, and fostex Fr2-le + shoeps mk4.
Shot on 7D.
Many thanks to :
Pix’n Love, Marin Queyraud, Emilie Bonin, Gilles Marc, Antoine Domanec, Nicolas Gruber, Lucile Lhermitte, Julie Arabeyre, Gilles Larroze, Leo et Ja Gualino, Olivier Obame, Guy La tannerie, Lucie, Bernard, Elsa Masseron…
Directed by Gioacchino Petronicce.
HD, STEREO, 1:34

Canale vimeo: