Plunge, in italiano tuffarsi o crollare, è un inquietante corto d’animazione, a detta del creatore Jan-Joost Verhoef semi-autobiografico, sul malessere di vivere.

My graduation short film. Winner of the Fakkelteitprijs at the Beeldbuis Filmfestival 2011, nominated for the Academieprijs 2011 at ArtEZ Zwolle. It’s been licenced non-exclusively by MTV for MTV2’s upcoming revival of Liquid Television.

Furthermore it was shown on the Norwegian national television Nasjonalgalleriet, and featured in Stash magazine.

A semi-autobiographical animated short film about modern life. By exploring personal behaviour and emotion I strive to comment on broader cultural phenomena.

It lacks a traditional narrative, instead it stimulates the audience to formulate their own stories and meaning.

Beyond this it is difficult to label it without pretention, it is best to see and judge for yourself.

Created by: Jan-Joost Verhoef
Dramaturgy by: Marijana Cosic

Special thanks to: Freek Rossen, Douwe Dijkstra and Paul Maaswinkel

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